Clean Water Only Inspection Camera

We run a range of cameras from push rod cameras for the smaller surveys to a range of on-board tractor cameras for the larger diameter pipes. We offer full pipe surveys which are detailed and edited to suit the customer needs. Each camera is chlorinated and is able to be inserted inside a water main which has only a short time span to be decommissioned.

Digital video for high definition image display, recording and playback

○ Simple transfer of video images to PC for inclusion in customer reports

○ Interchangeable camera options with bright white LED lighting

○ Range of rods and reels—from 100’ to 500’ (30m to 250m)

○  Full compatibility of all cameras, reels and accessories across the range

○  Fully locatable with range of sound options

○ Variety of skids and springs for maneuverability in pipe

○ Audio input for voice over annotation

○ Keyboard option for easier titling of customer survey video and images

○ Rod counter with calibration feature

○ Option to use your own video recording device using video-out/in connector

This camera is only used on clean water jobs and does not be used on any others.  It is kept in a hygienic environment and is treated with chlorine to be fit to be used on human consumption water pipes.  We are one of the only companies who can guarantee a clean water camera and reel.