Pipework & Utility Fault Finding

Pipe Tracing For Utility Fault Finding

Utility fault finding and pipe tracing is important to our business, using pipe tracing equipment for the installation or
tracing of water meters. We trace all pipe materials such as PVC, PE, AZ, cast iron,
steel etc. The pipe locating system consists of a receiver and an electronic pulse
generator which is screwed on a water pipeline or on a hydrant. This system allows
location of non-metal pipes running up to 5 meter’s below the surface. The pipe
section does not need to be shut down during the location process.

The Pulse Wave Generator system can help to draft, amend, or check network plans,
and it can be used both inside and outside residential areas. Also unknown pipes can
be located quickly and reliably with this system.

In addition to the PWG we also have a tracer unit which allows the operator to
accurately trace and locate services and with a built in depth finder can accurately
survey the depth of the service.

The benefits of pipe tracing and utility fault finding are numerous.  Using are special equipment, we are able to detect the location of pipes throughout the home, business or landscape.