PWG Pipe Locating System

The PWG pipe locating system consists of a receiver (geophone) with an electronic pulse wave generator PWG to be screwed on to a pipe line or hydrant.  The system allows locating non-metal pipes running up to 5 meters below the surface.  The pipe section does not need to be shut down during the locating process.

The waves generated by the device travel best on an even ground structure and ground surface.  Under good conditions, distances of between 50 meters and 600 meters can be covered.  The PulseWaveGenerator system can help to draft, amend, or check network plans, and it can be used both inside and outside residential areas.  Also unknown pipes can be located quickly and reliably with this system.

The geophone (receiver) records the strongest wave on the pipe through a ground microphone and displays their intensity acoustically and optically.

The PWG (pulse generating device) is attached to a water pipeline.  The PWG valve then opens and closes about 60 times per minute due to the water pressure and the flux.  This relief-pressure alternation process generates pulse waves which travel on the pipe as one-dimensional longitudinal compression waves.  These waves are then measured with the geophone on the surface.