Utility Tracing & Mapping Services

We offer full utility tracing services done on AutoCAD drawings, with full GPS locations, marking up all utilities for future references.  We specialise in location of water services, connections and give exact locations for point of dig down for lost or buried stopcocks and toby box connections.

CCTV Camera Service and Condition Reports

Using the latest technology and cctv camera systems we run push rod and tractor driven cameras.  We are the only company in Ireland offering a guaranteed camera used only on clean water mains.  Our camera and rod systems are chlorinated and safe to be used on domestic and commercial pipework systems.  We report on condition and direction of pipelines and indentify closed valves and lost ferrules, growth inside pipes, pipe lifespan, actual bore/diameter left in pipe and exact location of tee pieces etc.  We record on USB, and offer the client the completed survey and recommendations on competition of survey.

Service Pipe and Meter Box Locations 

H2 Flow specialise in the location of service pipes and meter box/tappings prior to construction work on renewal of new water mains and services.   This leaves the construction for the contractors straightforward and for the house and business owners the risk of failed connection kept to a minimum.

We work for all of the tier 1 contractors who carry out the works for the authorities and pride ourselves on carrying out this service.

We locate all services and meter box locations and provide pre-construction information to the contractor stating the following:

•Exact service pipe locations.

•Exact tapping locations.

•Exact stopcock locations.

•Material in which stopcock is reinstated.

•Meter number, meter reading and meter condition.

•While preconstruction investigation work is being carried out, H2 flow engineers wear ID badges provided by the water authorities to let the customers know exactly who they are and their business on the customers property.

All surrounding areas are scanned and notes taken of any unsafe or damaged areas which will bring future problems to the main contractor during construction.

Examples of service layouts and the way H2Flow leave their pre-construction drawings to the contractor.

Meter Box Locations

House A is a new house with an independent water supply pipe and its own stopcock and tapping.

Houses B and C have a shared water supply pipe with one stopcock and one main tapping.

Houses D, E and F are terraced houses with a shared water supply pipe, sharing one stopcock and one main tapping.

Technology Used