• PWG Pipe Locating System

    The PWG pipe locating system consists of a receiver (geophone) with an electronic pulse wave generator PWG to be screwed on to a pipe line or hydrant.  The system allows locating non-metal pipes running up to 5 meters below the surface.  The pipe section does not need to be shut down during the locating process.…

  • Flexitrace

    A self-contained flexible rod and transmitter alternative for tracing non-metallic pipes. Energized by connecting to the Genny’ . The small diameter transmitting head allows access to very small diameter pipes of 15mm or above.

  • Mouse

    The mouse is a self-contained transmitter which is connected to a push rod and inserted into a non-metallic pipe or duct structure. The mouse can then be detected using the CAT.

  • Clean Water Only Inspection Camera

    We run a range of cameras from push rod cameras for the smaller surveys to a range of on-board tractor cameras for the larger diameter pipes. We offer full pipe surveys which are detailed and edited to suit the customer needs. Each camera is chlorinated and is able to be inserted inside a water main…