Water Auditing & Management

H2flow specialise in water conservation and with the experience, technology and the equipment full auditing reporting can be carried out giving the customer reductions in the price of money to be paid in future bills.

H2flow guidelines to water conservation:

  • Assess – assess historical water bill & meter readings.  Has your water consumption increased recently? Just because you pay the same all the time for water does not mean you don’t have problems!
  • Monitor – log the water meter (24/7) to get a profile of your water usage.  Is water being consumed at 3am? Unless you operate at this time then you have problems.  What’s it costing per year?
  • Inspect – conduct a site walkthrough & inspection.  Check all the water devices and any machinery for leaks or over use.
  • Detect – if underground leaks are exist they activate a leak detection program.  70% of leaks never come to the surface.  Just because you can see them doesn’t mean you have no leak.
  • Conserve – this is the “Fine Tuning” section of the audit.  By reducing the flow of water in taps, showers, urinals, toilets etc.  by small increments, you will see a different affect your water bill at the end of the year.

Technology Used